Who We Are

It's NOT About ME, it's not about YOU, but US!...

It is NOT about ME, or even YOU, but US! – We must do things differently in choir. We must have interdependence. Interdependence is more than independence, and not dependent. We take pride in our independence, while recognizing our co-dependence on our band mates, which results in interdependence with us all. We will follow these simple I can statements...

1.      I Can... find the good in everything that we do. We develop, cultivate, and deepen our love for music and how it connects us with ourselves, those around us, our community, and the overall culture of where we perform.

2.      I Can... be the success in choir. Success is nothing without connections and relationships.

3.      I Can.... improve wherever I start. We all have a starting point of individual musicianship, but this starting point does not determine our ending point – this is determined by our attitudes, and what we are willing to do/change to reach for our end point.

4.      I Can... make music FUN. Music should be FUN but also demanding. It should stretch, strengthen, and inspire everyone.

5.      I Can... improve my abilities. Trophies and accolades are simply markers of accomplishment but overall UNIMPORTANT and INSIGNIFICANT **IF** there is no lesson, growth, or struggle associated with them. We should be able to view any of these and remember the journey more than just the award.

6.     I Can... treat everyone with respect. If we trample people on our way to the top the top really is the bottom. We can find ways to reach the “top” of the pile by lifting those around us, and those with whom we compete against. We are all in the same activity, and everyone should be lifted.

7.      I Can... have Pride. Pride in our school, our choir and other fine arts departments, and ourselves should be at the forefront of our actions.

8.      I Can.... thrive in a competitive, yet learning atmosphere. Competition has its place. Competition provides a motivation to improve, it is merely the desire to be the best in whatever we do. It should never be used as the fuel to hate/dislike another individual/choir, activity/sport but simply provide something to move us forward.